Frenquently Asked Questions

Is Prestigious Speakers an English speaking club only?
Yes, indeed. If you want to improve your public speaking skills in Spanish, please check out the pages of our bilingual partner club “Barcelona Toastmasters” at
What are the structure and flow of a typical club meeting?
A typical club meeting runs for 1.5 to 2 hours and consists of different modules. You can get more information here.
How can I become a member of your club?
This is fairly easy. There is definitely no bouncer awaiting you at our door… However, we would like to point out a natural prerequisite, which is a very good level of the English language. Get more information on becoming a member here.
What kind of people join your club?
We have members from all sorts of backgrounds. We have members who are business men and women, we have medical staff, radio guys, image advisors, scientists. Cross-cultural communicators and, and, and. Just figure it out yourself!
Do you charge a fee? How much does it cost?
Yes, we charge a very modest fee of €96 for the first year and €80 for every other year thereafter – more details can be found here
Is Prestigious Speakers a platform to improve my English?
Frankly speaking, no. Due to a rather high percentage of native English speakers in our club (80%) the level of English spoken is very high. This does not mean that you have to come from the UK or the US to join us. But to get an idea, most of our non-native speakers have lives abroad in an English speaking country for a good period of time. If you want to improve your public speaking skills speaking Spanish, then we would like to ask you to check out That is our bilingual partner club in Barcelona.
What topics do I talk about in the prepared speeches?
In toastmasters the focus is on technique and delivery of the speech, so sometimes the content is not really that important. Still, we always enjoy hearing from a fellow member about an interesting new topic that teaches us something. Ideally the speaker is familiar with the topic and feels at ease, especially during the first few speeches. A truly great speech combines interesting information / learning content with a personal connection to the speaker and a humorous aspect, entertaining the audience.
How do I get a mentor that helps me get started?
You simply pick one and ask him/her or you ask the VP Education to assign a mentor to you.
What other spanish clubs are there?
For an up-to-date info, go to – this will find you all world-wide clubs