Become a Member

In order to join you have to go through this simple process:

  1. Demonstrate your interest in the club and the Toastmasters program by attending at least two club meetings as a guest. Check out our Agenda.
  2. Download and print the Membership Application form. Fill in the form, providing only the information regarding your personal data (and your sponsor, if applicable).
  3. Scan the application and send it back to our Vice President Membership (membership at prestigiousspeakers · com), or, alternatively, bring it to the next meeting.
  4. Your application will be submitted to the Officers Committee, who will vote on your candidacy at their next Officers meeting held every month. Depending on the current situation in the club, one or two new members from the Candidate’s list will be elected to join the club every month.
    Officers will use the following criteria when selecting new members:

    • the level of English of the candidates
    • level of interest in Toastmasters program and commitment to the club

    Therefore, we highly welcome you to continue attending club meetings while you’re still on the “Candidates List”, in order to increase your options of being selected.

  5. Once elected as a new member to join the club, you will have to pay Club dues for a year. Prestigious Speakers charges 96 € per year as annual dues, and as new member you also have to pay 20 € for the New Member Kit that includes CC and CL manuals together with some other stuff. So, in total, it makes 116 € that you would have to transfer to a designated account.

After you’ve gone through this process, we will register you with Toastmasters International as an official member of our club, and we will guide you through the rest of the things that you need to know as a new member.