A typical club meeting runs for 1.5 to 2 hours and consists of different modules.

Toastmaster of the day
The TM of the day is the emcee. He leads through the program (Introduction, transitional comments, etc.)
Table topics
Here the Table Topics master of the day presents 3-4 topics or themes and invites members of the club to comment on them spontaneously for 1-2 minutes. This helps you to develop extemporaneous speaking skills. And it’s always very funny…
This is the core module. Every meeting we have 3 to 4 speakers who present self-chosen topics according to their specific level. Every level has a different objective like focus on body language, voice, speech structuring, etc.
All speeches are evaluated afterwards by an experienced speaker. Apart from these oral evaluations, he or she receives written feedback by all members.
General evaluator
The GE points out the do’s and dont’s of the night. He also asks his team to present their report. The “Ah” counter minutes all filling words and sounds like “and”, “so”, “aehm”, etc. Every speaker of the night, including the Table Topics volunteers are confronted with their personal results. A second person, the Timer, records the times all the speakers used, since you have a certain limit for each performance.